Red or Blue Sea?

Me: Did you finish coloring the Red Sea?

Asmaa: Yes.

A’ishah: (to Asmaa) You’re supposed to color the sea red.

Asmaa: It’s called the Red Sea but the water’s still blue.

A’ishah: Oh…I was just joking.


1 Response to “Red or Blue Sea?”

  1. 1 bint Curt July 19, 2011 at 8:59 am

    kids comments are one of my favorites, they say the funniest things! this one made me lol! oh and i wish my kids still called them ‘pine trees’ i kept thinking what do i tell them to say instead of ‘xmas’ trees and duh! ‘pine’ it was right in front of me! My kids don’t even watch tv but they had times they did in the past but im sure the xmas thing is from family since i don’t even take them to Wal mart anymore. The final straw to that was pda between same gender! eww

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