Alhamdulillah we have safely moved into our new home. The children have adjusted to the move much better than I expected. Most likely it’s because they get to play outdoors almost everyday. Since we  share a common backyard with our neighbours they have more than enough space to play, cycle and use up their bundles of energy and if that’s not enough we can always head for the playgrounds nearby or take nature walks.

And insha-Allah my eldest daughter, soon to turn 6 (although she likes to stress that she’s already 6 according to the Islamic calendar) will be starting 1st grade this fall via a virtual school using the K12 curriculum. After having homeschooled her on a informal basis for the last 3 years or so, I am a bit apprehensive about being answerable to someone else other than myself (smiles). But Alhamdulillah I have made istikharah and if it is good for us then insha-Allah Allah will make it easy for us.

Since school doesn’t start till August 29th, I guess I better enjoy these less stressful times and at the same time prepare myself mentally for the challenges ahead.

In a recent phone interview with her placement teacher, I was given an idea of what our daily schedule would be like. The placement teacher casually mentioned that my daughter would be required to clock in a total of 5 hours of school a day. I gulped and thought to myself, surely she can’t be serious!? Honestly I don’t believe she needs 5 hours of school per day but then again that’s just my opinion. It’s funny how in our “informal” homeschool there have been days when we would be working on our lapbooks or some crafts or reading stories of the prophets well nigh into the night, thus easily clocking far beyond 5 hours of “school” but since that was done on “our time” and liking it was OK. But when literally “forced” to do 5 hours and it’s a whole different story, isn’t it?

Insha-Allah I hope “school” doesn’t become a chore for us but for now I have run out of steam to continue making our own lessons, so this will have to do.

Hence, one of the reasons I’ve decided to come up with this blog is to keep a recording of our homeschool trials and tribulations…and insha-Allah achievements and joys. (smiles)

PS. This was written last summer and alhamdulillah we have successfully completed 2 semesters of the online school. We are taking a well deserved summer break now (breathes sigh of relief!) and bi ithnillah I plan to write my thoughts on our homeschooling experience thus far. So keep a lookout for that, insha-Allah.