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As I Look at You

As I look at you


As I look at you,

I see the love you have for me…


And as I look at you,

I stand in awe of the mercy of Ar-Raheem,


As I look at you…

I am amazed at your innocence and purity


And as I look at you,

I am embraced by a smile so sincere and sweet;

telling me instantly

your complete joy

at seeing me.



How you flatter me so,

To think how easily you are pleased,



To think of all this love you have for me…


(For all my little babies)


Umm Hassan 2007


(I haven’t written a poem in years, so am kinda rusty. (smiles) Plus I wish that it flowed more smoothly…But anyways, with this poem I wanted to capture that special moment in time all mothers can relate to…When your baby first catches sight of your presence and he/she is just so overjoyed at seeing you that he/she can’t stop shining his/her great big toothless or almost toothless smile!)