A Painful Reminder

As we go about our daily tasks as homemakers, from time to time the inevitable accident occurs, and for me, it usually takes place in the kitchen; for eg getting a small cut while slicing those onions, getting slight burns on my arms and hands from hot oil as it shoots out the pan while frying fish… etc, etc, etc.

But these are just tiny accidents Alhamdulillah and I thank Allah and seek His protection from any major accidents. Ameen.

Moreover, feeling a little pain from time to time is actually good for you. (smiles) And what’s my proof? None other than the hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhe wa salam;

‘Abdullah Bin ‘Amr reported that the Prophet sal Allahu alayhe wa salam said:

“If a Muslim is pricked by (as little as) a thorn in the worldly life, and he seeks its reward from Allah, some of his sins will be removed, because of it, on the Day of Judgement.” (Bukhari)

Also having a very active son, who likes to jump or rather pounce on you can send some painful shocks to your body, especially when you are caught offguard. It’s during these times that the above hadeeth comes in handy too and helps to ease some of the pain, alhamdulillah. (smiles)

Imagine that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is going to reward you and remove some of your sins just by being  pricked by a thorn. In the light of that, multiply that pain by a hundred, a thousand times or more and imagine the reward we would get for every single contraction. Masha-Allah!

Now, if only we could remember the hadeeth the moments when we really need it….

I was reminded of the hadeeth while reading an article by Shaykh Salim Al-Hilali; “The Tests for the Believers: Fluctuations of Life”. You can read the whole article  here.


5 Responses to “A Painful Reminder”

  1. 1 Latifah Umm Hassan July 7, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    Assalamu alaikum dear sister:

    Yazakallah to all information and share with us, your experience, is amazing and pls be continue..

    Im umm hassan too, and i feel happy to find a sister who has the same nick, specially here in this occident.

    Well kisses for you and your babies.

    wa salamu alaikum

    latifah umm hassan

  2. 2 raisingmuslims July 8, 2008 at 9:17 am

    Wa’alaikum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Umm Hassan 🙂

    Wa iyyaki! Actually my real nickname (kunya) is not Umm Hassan. I only use that name for this blog. But Alhamdulillah nice “meeting” you here. And yes Umm Hassan is a nice name. 🙂

  3. 3 Latifah Umm Hassan July 16, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    Assalamu alaikum Kunya:

    Well my name is Latifah, tell me sister, how can i begin to teach more about the arabic alfabeth to my baby, you know he has 4 years old, and, when i pray he repeat after me the suras he knows the last 3 suras and the AL fatihah, but i want to teach about the hadithes, etc.

    Im work out, so i dont have to much time to teach him, but everything i tell him is abouth Allah swa and he knows that, and he knows abouth shaytan…

    Please give more tips…

    wa salam


  4. 4 raisingmuslims July 17, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    Wa’alaikum salam Latifah,

    Alhamdulillah, I think you’re doing a great job with little Hassan. 🙂 For teaching the Arabic alphabets there are alot of resources on the internet for eg. free printables:


    The way I taught Alif, Ba, Ta to my 4 yr daughter is to sing the Alif, Ba, Ta like the ABC song and I have a simple powerpoint for this. If you would like, pls email me at raisingmuslims.wordpress.com
    and I can email the ppt to you insha-Allah.

  5. 5 raisingmuslims July 17, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    Sorry for the typo! My email is raisingmuslims@gmail.com.

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