You might have heard of the African proverb; “It takes a village to raise a child.” When I first came across it, I couldn’t help but agree whole-heartedly! (smiles)

Having been in the US for the last 4 years and having recently moved to a small town with hardly any visible Islamic presence, I am reminded of the pressing need to be part of a Muslim village, where it is not strange to see young girls wearing hijab, where you can find kids who are praying the 5 daily prayers or at least making a conscious effort to do so when they reach the age of 7 etc.

But for now I guess I will have to settle for my little online village. (smiles) Alhamdulillah, through these challenging years I have stumbled upon a number of very beneficial blogs by my fellow sisters, mothers and homeschoolers. Though known or unknown to them, these sisters have been part of my online village; providing much needed support and encouragement, generously offering gentle reminders and naseeha, and filling me with inspiration and hope while I go about my daily tasks as a wife, mother and educator.

So after years of reading their blogs and feeling some sort of connection with these special group of sisters with them hardly knowing me at all, this blog is an attempt to lend others a peek into my thoughts and aspirations, to share, support and inspire one another in raising our precious little Muslims bi ithnillah (by the permission of Allah).

For practical reasons, I have decided that in this virtual village, we, as a family will take on virtual names, so here’s a quick introduction to our family:

Alhamdulillah we have been blessed with 2 daughters; Asmaa (abt to turn 7) and A’ishah (who just turned 4) and a very active and playful son Hassan, who is 2 years old. Hence I will address myself as Umm Hassan.

And with that, I extend a warm welcome to all my guests. Ahlan wa shahlan, please come in, feel free to browse and make yourselves at home! (smiles)

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