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My Daughter’s Observation

It was nice day out with the family. We had gone to a nearby playground and we were the the only ones there. We were on the swings when A’ishah said, “Mommy if there was a woman here you could talk to her.” “Yes.” I responded. Curious as to why she made the remark , I asked her, “And what if there was a man here?” “Then Daddy can talk to him.”, was her matter-of-fact reply.

I don’t recall specifically having a conversation with her about not talking to men or vice-versa, since she only just turned 4. Maybe she overheard something I mentioned to Asmaa or maybe she used her own deductive reasoning from our gatherings and interaction with men and women. Well, whatever it is…kids…they notice everything, don’t they?!


Baby Talk

Just some of the more amusing sayings of my two year old son; (smiles) 

Wa pee: Water please

Monkeem: Monkey

Ba-boom: Bathroom

Weep mommy: (I want to) sleep with mommy

Get on mommy lowder: (I want to) to get on mommy’s shoulder

And a new one I’ve taught him;

I love you loooowwww much: I love you soooooo much!

Pine Trees

It was that time of the year. Go into any store, drive down any street and you can’t help seeing “it”.

One day Asma so innocently and casually asked me, “Mommy why do they put lights on the pine trees?” It took me a moment to figure out what she was saying and when I finally did, I was secretly amused.

Isn’t it wonderful that to her it’s just a pine tree? I wish it had been that way for me too as a child…

Masha-Allah, may Allah preserve her innocence! Ameen.

March 2023

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